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Legal aid

Civil, administrative,
misdemeanor and criminal cases
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Collection services

Debt recovery, receivables purchase.
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Debt Advice

Advice on debt reduction
Our bureau offers the first 15 min free of charge, during which we examine the problem and discuss whether a client is in need of a representative or would independently be able to solve the problem. When choosing representation, we will go over all the facts and evidence, offer possible solutions, specify Your aim and designate the capacity of activities offered by us.
Tallinn office: Lastekodu 6a, 10118 Tallinn
Debt Advice

*Advice on debt reduction
*How to deal with an unexpectedly
high debt collection requirement
*How to get rid of debt reasonably
*How to successfully negotiate
with creditors
tel +372 5185977   ants.kuningas@partnerid.ee